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Stanley Black & Decker Milestones

2013 : Stanley Black & Decker acquired ICSS Singapore and its subsidiaries in Singapore, Malaysia and India.

2010: Stanley Black & Decker and GMT formed a Joint venture on Nov 8th 2010, to become a market leader in the commercial hardware business

2010: Stanley Works acquired black & Decker,a well known American tools and hardware company

2002: The Stanley Works acquired a few companies in the security solutions business including BEST,Blick, Frisko Bay, Seilox, HSM and rapidly became an industry leader in the security solutions market.

2000: InfoCom & Security Systems Pvt Ltd is formed in Singapore

1993: The Stanley Works entered China

1986: The Bostitch fastener and fastening tool business was purchased from Textron Inc by the Stanley Works

1980: The Stanley Works acquired MAC Tools Corporation

1954: The Stanley Works made it on the cover of the TIME magazine-Stanley rapidly became an industry leader in the booming Do-it Yourself market.

1943: Employees of the Stanley Works are honored with the army & Navy E. Award

1930: The Stanley Works invented the world's First tape ruler

1930: In 1930, Stanley introduced the first automatic door to the market. Stanley Access Technologies remains the leader in technology, reliability and customer satisfaction until today.

1920: The Stanley Works announced that it has merged with Stanley Rule and Level

1910: Stanley Rule & Level acquired Frays Corporation

1904: Stanley Rules & level purchased Hurley & Wood Tool Company

1869: The Stanley Works purchased the John Rankin Company , manufacturer of cast-iron bolts

1857: Stanley Rule & Level Company established by Henry Stanley

1843: Frederick Stanley established Stanley Bolt Manufactory (later Stanley Works)


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