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Integrated Security System for KLCC Convention Centre

Integrated Security Systems for The New KLCC Convention Center & Hotel

# The Project
Right in the heart of the city, the Kula Lumpur Convention Centre, sets a new bench mark for a convention venue. The center comprises a 3,000 seat plenary hall, a500 seats theatre, 10,000sqm of exhibition space, conference halls, grand ballroom and meeting rooms.

The Challenge
To design and build a Security System to protect people, property and information and devising an effective barrier between the threats... and what is to be protected to achieve a right balance of security, cost and efficient operation with minimal inconvenience to the public.

The solution
The integrated Building Security System (IBSS 2000) at the heart of the system manages the access of the people, detection of intrusion and surveillance monitoring for the Convention Center. Some 1,000 intelligent Mifare readers provide a high level of security and "keyless" operation in the center. The system manages and restricts the access of the various groups of exhibitors, cleaners, public and staff to the pre-defined venues with defined time schedules. The public is kept within their boundary. Special Biometric Readers, where finger -prints are needed for higher level of identification for valid entry is used in areas of high security. All activities within the center are kept in surveillance by strategically located cameras. These 'electronic eyes' enable the security staff to maintain constant monitoring of all exhibition halls, meeting rooms, plant and machinery from their Control Room. A mixture of some 300 aesthecally pleasing yet robust vandal resistance fixed domes and PTZ domes from Pelco are used. All activates are recorded in vivid detail by state-of-the-art 400fps DX8000 digital video recorders, providing necessary footage whenever the need arises.

The Result
An overall integrated security system design that is expected for one of the best International Convention & Exhibition Center's in the world.

  • 4/8/16 Channels Color Version For Video & Audio Recording
  • Embedded OS Systems will Not Crash Due To Hard Disk Failure
  • Real- time & variable Frame Rate Recording
  • Real-time Live Display of All cameras connected
  • Efficient Storage Using H.264 High Performance DSP Hardware Compression
  • Ease of Installation Systems Auto Detect New Hard Disk & Auto Initialize & Format
  • Video Motion Detection with Programmable Masking
  • High Performance Connect To PSTN, LAN & Internet Connection With PTZ Control
  • Remote Access Using IE Browser

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