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ICSS carries a full range of amplifiers, speakers and microphones to meet #the specific requirements of any organization. The high quality products are fully supported by our team of trained engineers for both system design and after sales support. Whatever the requirements, we can provide the optimum solution.

The challenge in Public Address applications is to design an effective system, not mere placement of loudspeakers. To be able to understand the acoustic environment and then translate it to the optimum sound loudness and clarity levels is a pre-requisite to designing the appropriate audio system.

The control sub-system must be designed to provide the flexibility in zone controls and input and output interfaces.

ICSS has extensive experience working within 'acoustically' difficult environments. Complemented with the complete Bosch range of equipment - from Praesideo, the recently introduced digital system, to the very practical Plena range - the simplest to the most complex PA requirements can be comprehensively met.

#PRAESIDEO : Praesideo is the world's first fully digital Public Address system that complies with the international evacuation standards. Praesideo enables automatic and regular remote access system monitoring (via TCP/IP) of the entire system, right from the microphone capsule to the loudspeaker, all of which are connected through network cabling. Praesideo broadcasts multiple uncompressed audio signals simultaneously and has outstanding flexibility in terms of zone assignments as well as input and output interfaces. Digital means better sound quality, longer distances, easier system design and higher reliability

SM25B: The SM25B range of modular audio switching and # routing sound management systems and booster amplifiers can be combined and configured according to specific application requirements. With the plug-and-play mode and hardware configurable modules, the SM25B range is easy to install and maintain.


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