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Lift Communication Systems

Communication between people in an elevator or lift and the control# room is generally required only in an emergency situation and therefore it is considered to be critical. Whether there is power blackout, technical problem in the lift, or another situation such as robbery or molest, the anxiety levels of the passenger in the lift will be high, and it is important to be able to communicate quickly, clearly and in a simple manner.

ICSS has been facilitating just that, with Zenitel intercom Systems. Manufactured to high quality and reliability standards, the systems are microprocessor based, programmable and flexible to meet the demanding requirements in critical situations.

For many years, the M100 Intercom System has been in use from small to large complexes such as:-

  • KLCC Twin Towers
  • Revenue House
  • Port of Singapore Authority
  • Caribbean
  • K K Hospital
  • CPF Buildings

The new intercom systems branded stentofon from Zenitel are now being installed for lift communication in large complexes. The latest to be installed will in the five (5) multi-storey towers of Suntec City. The substation installed in each lift is able to communicate with control room and the lift motor room upon the touch of button. The conversation is duplex hand free so that passengers do not have to keep the call button pressed. The call can also be established from the control room into the lift in loud speaking mode so that everyone can hear clearly the message coming from the control room. People in the lift can also speak back from any where in the lift. Superior audio quality is ensured because the system bandwidth is 3 times larger than normal telephones. The connecting cables can be monitored for short and open circuit, so that the system integrity is kept high.

The stentofon Intercom System has very advanced software, which is capable of being interfaced to CCTV, Access Control and Fire alarm Systems. Built in digital audio recordings can relay messages automatically to designated intercom stations. Calls can be monitored and recorded. Stentofon Intercom Systems are also in use in other prestigious locations such as Singapore management University, University of Technology, Petronas and KLCC Hospital.

The Zenitel intercom systems are distributed and supported by infocom & Security Systems in the Asean region, ICSS has office in Singapore, Kuala lumpur and New Delhi, manned by trained staff to support the communication and security needs of organizations.


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